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Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control is the primary business Habitat Pest of San Jose & The Bay Area. Our residential pest control service include the usual array of nuisance pests. We have proven methods for treating each pest and offer Written Guaranteed Results.

Scorpions Removal & Control


Scorpions are two inches long on average. They eat spiders, insects, and other scorpions. Nocturnal, they hide in shoes, blankets, drawers, and under rocks during the day. All scorpions glow under black light, making black light an effective way to inspect for scorpions at night or in dark areas. Scorpions have live births and carry their offspring on the adult scorpion's back.

Danger: Scorpions can inflict painful stings that may be fatal to those with allergies. Some scorpion bites can also be fatal to young children and the elderly.

Prevention Tip: Remove all potential scorpion harborages. For example, all items lying in contact with the soil should be removed. Landscaping that is edged with stacked timbers or stacked flagstones provide considerable shelter for scorpions and the insects they feed on. Eliminate heavy ground cover such as ivy from landscaping. Cracks and holes in the home's exterior should be sealed to prevent scorpions from entering.

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