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Habitat Pest Control Service Professionals are committed to providing you with the best pest control possible. Since bugs are active throughout the year, our year-round advanced service eliminates pest problems all year long. If pests return, we do too—absolutely free.

Summer Pests And Pest Prevention in Sunnyvale CA

The summer season is synonymous with pest season. 

There are several different factors that come into play with the summer pest boom in Sunnyvale, CA, and if you’re not taking diligent care of your property, they could come to call your home their own. When winters thaw into warm springs, pests come out from their seasonal slumber and set out to find food, find a mate, and find a place to call home. 


The summer season is full of pests, but some are undoubtedly more dangerous or pesky than others. The 4 worst pests and how to prevent them this summer include: 


Mosquitoes are one of the single biggest summer nuisances. Not only do they leave itchy and sometimes painful welts behind after bite, but they can spread a wide variety of mosquito borne diseases. Mosquito populations tend to peak around June but can carry on all summer long, and prevention should start early. The main way to prevent mosquito booms on your property is to take care of any standing water, which they use as their own personal breeding grounds.


Ants are one of the single most common types of pest to any homeowner, and while relatively harmless, also one of the most frustrating. When you see one ant there are likely hundreds more, and in a full-blown infestation, you could be dealing with thousands of ants in your home in just a very short time. Ant infestations typically peak around July, and should always be taken care of promptly. The best way to deter ants from coming in is to deprive them of all food sources, putting away all food in the kitchen and cleaning up any crumbs. 



Pet owners are well aware of ticks, and the dangers they bring. To people or pets, ticks have the ability to spread potentially life-threatening diseases and can be very difficult to eradicate. The best way to prevent tick infestations is to be vigilant, checking pets, people, and property for ticks and tick bites, and calling the professionals at the first sign of a tick hatch or infestation. 


Termites can leave serious damage to the home, and during the warm spring and summer months, they’re likely to do most of their work. To a termite, your home is a perfect food source for the entire colony. To prevent termites, it’s important to be proactive in having your home inspected by professional pest control services. 

Don't Let Pests Take Over Your Sunnyvale, CA Home

Finding yourself with a pest infestation in Sunnyvale, CA isn’t exactly rare, and most homeowners will go through this at some point in their lives. However, you don’t have to lose control of your home to pests, and professional pest control is here to give you peace of mind. Whether you’re currently dealing with a pest infestation, or you’d proactively like your home to be inspected before the pests take over, contact Habitat Pest Control to learn more today. 

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