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3 Back To School Pests You Should Anticipate

As the school year approaches, it’s time to get your children ready for their first day of school.

Like you, custodians and teachers are also anticipating their return. Teachers are preparing lesson plans, and custodians are making sure the school is in tip-top shape for students. However, if a pest doesn’t want to be found, it won’t be seen.

Whether your child picks up a pest on their journey to the school bus, walk down the street, or from the kid with lice in their music class, it’s better to be prepared. Here are 3 back to school pests you should be on the look for before the problem becomes out of hand.

Bed Bugs

When people think of bed bugs they think of, what else, a bed. However, that’s not the case. Bed bugs are known to be “hitchhiker” pests and can easily sneak into your child’s backpack or clothing. Because schools have children coming and going daily, they are the prime location for a bed bug infestation to occur. A shocking 59 percent of schools have dealt with bed bugs, and the top location bed bugs are found are in homes. Be aware of the possible spread of the bug, and let a pest control specialist take a look at your property.

Fruit Flies

Ever pack a lunch for your child, but he hasn’t seen that lunch box in weeks? Chances are, that box is full of fruit flies. These annoyingly tiny bugs develop in overripe fruits and vegetables. What started out as a healthy lunch option could end up as a pest problem.


girl lice

Lice, the bug all parents dread. At one point or another, you have probably also gotten lice from another classmate at school. It seems like it is bound to happen. Although lice are treated by over the counter hair treatment, the lice can still live on your bed, pillows, sofa, and carpet. Plain and simple, wherever your child rested their head is free game. You’ll need a pest service in order to make sure your home is lice free.

Back to School Treatment

Give Habitat Pest Control a call if you notice any pesky pests hitching a ride in your child’s backpack or head.

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