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Habitat Pest Control Service Professionals are committed to providing you with the best pest control possible. Since bugs are active throughout the year, our year-round advanced service eliminates pest problems all year long. If pests return, we do too—absolutely free.

The 3 Biggest Risks Of DIY Pest Control

There are plenty of great DIY projects to take on around your home, but pest control is not one of them.

DIY pest control comes with a lot of serious risks that can not only damage the value of your Sunnyvale home but hurt your health. Here are three of the biggest risks involved in DIY pest control and why you should always leave this home project up to the experts:

DIY Pest Control Is Not Always Effective

Pest control specialists are highly trained and certified. They know how to identify a pest control problem, address the underlying causes, and ensure the pests are effectively removed from your home. There are plenty of DIY pest control methods. Every home store has an entire aisle of pest control products. Natural bloggers have formulas with essential oils and herbs. You may even hear tips from your friend and family. However, none of these helps to solve the full problem of home pests. The only way to truly guarantee your house is rid of pests for good is to work with a skilled expert.

DIY Pest Control Has Serious Safety Hazards

Bug Spray

Using any chemicals around your home can be dangerous, but pest control products are specifically toxic. Pest control products are designed to kill and they don’t just harm the pests. They are also very hazardous to humans and household pets and can cause some serious health problems. Using the wrong chemicals with the wrong application can be a serious problem. So before spraying those store-bought products, ask yourself:

  • Do you know which chemicals work best with which pests?
  • Do you know how to dilute and mix the chemicals?
  • Do you know where you need to apply the chemicals?
  • Do you know how much you need to apply the chemicals?
  • Do you know how often you need to apply the chemicals?
  • Do you know all the safety risks posed by the chemicals?
  • Do you know how to contain those risks?
  • Do you know how to store leftover chemicals?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, then you definitely need to hire an expert.

DIY Pest Control Can Cost You Big

Many homeowners choose to DIY pest control because they think it will save them money. You may save a couple bucks now, but your DIY solution may cost you big in the long run. DIY pest control rarely addressed the underlying issues that have led to pest infestations. For example, there are many environmental factors that can be causing pests to enter your home. Store-bought and homemade pest control methods do no address these issues. Not to mention, you may underestimate how serious the problem is in your home. Without all the technologically-advanced tools and investigative techniques used by exterminators, you may not know how extensive the problem is in your home. If you don’t effectively treat a pest control problem, it can lead to serious damage to your home that can cost you thousands of dollars. DIY can ultimately cost much more than hiring a professional. 

Rather than taking these risks on by DIYing your pest control, call an expert. Habitat Pest Control will treat your whole Sunnyvale home and guarantee your pest control problem is truly resolved.  

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