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Check For Bed Bugs Before You Check In

Nothing ruins a great vacation like a bed bug infestation, and nothing ruins the memories a vacation makes like bringing bed bugs home with you.

Bed bugs are incredibly small, and they have the power to make themselves even smaller, making it incredibly easy for them to hitchhike onto your luggage and make their way home with you when you stay at a hotel with a bed bug presence.


While taking bed bugs home, as an unwanted souvenir is something that every traveler wants to avoid, that doesn’t mean no hotels are safe.

4 Tips For Checking Your Hotel For Bed Bugs 

A few tips can help travelers to check their hotels for bed bugs, and give them peace of mind that they won’t be taking any home with them. 4 tips for checking your hotel for bed bugs include: 

  • Wait to unpack – Don’t place your luggage right on a luggage rack, or break open your bags and begin unpacking straight away when you check into your room. Luggage racks and dressers are two common places for bed bugs to hide, and you could be putting yourself in a “red zone” from the minute you get to your room. Instead, place your bags in the bathroom and do a sweep of the room for bed bugs presence. Check places like the mattress, headboard, luggage rack, and anywhere clothing or linens are stored. 
  • Keep an eye out for bugs – If a hotel as a bed bug presence, they’re going to have signs left behind of infestation. Knowing what to look for makes all the difference. Bed bugs shed exoskeletons as part of their growth process, and these will be found anywhere where bed bugs are known to congregate. If the linens are white, looking for small rust colored stains can also be a sign of a bed bug presence. If you spot any of these signs, you should call the front desk of the hotel immediately. 
  • Keep your laundry separate – Bed bugs are known to prefer dirty laundry to clean laundry, according to a University of Sheffield study. Keeping dirty laundry bagged up and placed in an area like a bathtub or sink (when fixtures are not in use) can keep bed bugs from being attracted and getting in. 
  • Check when you get home – Bed bugs may not have been obvious in the hotel room, but that doesn’t mean their presence can’t exist undetected. When you get home, check luggage and clothing outside before bringing it in, and make sure none of the signs of bed bugs are present. 

Keeping Bed Bugs Away From Your Travel Plans 

A common misconception is that bed bugs only flock to less-than-tidy spaces, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bed bugs don’t discriminate, and they may be found in a roadside economy motel or a 4-star resort, so travelers should always be prepared. If bed bugs are suspected, a professional pest control service will need to be consulted to eradicate them for good. 

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