Knowing How To Look Out For Bedbug Warning Signs

It seems as though each day comes with a new warning. Warnings against contaminated produce, against illness outbreaks, against potential health threats, are a big part of our everyday lives. However, while we’ve grown so good at ignoring warnings, there is one type of warning that should never be ignored – bedbug warnings. Bedbugs are a notoriously difficult pest to get rid of, and they travel more easily than just about any other insect, so what can you do to know if bedbugs have claimed your home as their own? 

The Warning Signs Of A Bedbug Infestation 

Whether you find a single bedbug or 10 bedbugs, every sighting should be treated as an urgent infestation. A few bedbug warning signs that cannot be ignored are: 

  • Bites and welts – Bedbug bites and welts can be confused for other insect bites or skin reactions, and often go ignored because of this fact. However, if you wake up with small, itchy, and red welts on your skin, bedbugs should be the first place your mind goes. 
  • Small brown spots on sheets and mattresses – Small brown spots showing up on sheets and mattresses aren’t a sign of wear or age, but they can be a sign of bedbugs. These spots are the residual blood spots bedbugs leave behind after a feed, or even their waste they expel after they’ve finished a meal. 
  • Discarded skins – Bedbugs wear their skeleton on the outside of their body, so when they grow they must shed this exoskeleton to make room for their bodies. During these growing phases, you may find the discarded exoskeletons left behind in cracks behind the bed, along the walls or carpet, or by the headboard. 
  • Seeing bedbugs – This may seem like an obvious sign, but it’s one that is surprisingly often ignored. Seeing a single bedbug will typically cause individuals to think this is an isolated incident, and that with the single bedbug gone, their problem has gone with it. However, if one bedbug is sighted, it should be reasonably assumed that many more are in hiding, and they’re multiplying to greater numbers all the time. 

What To Do When You Spot The Signs 

When you spot the signs of bedbugs, it’s important to act as quickly as possible. While ignoring the problem might be easier right now, it’s only going to create a much larger problem for you in the future. Bedbug bites aren’t toxic or poisonous, but they are known to cause itchy sores highly susceptible to infection. 

When bedbugs are spotted, or the signs of bedbugs are spotted, homeowners, landlords, and business owners should call the professionals to clear up the bedbug problem as quickly as possible. Bedbugs are known to be hearty and difficult pests to eradicate, and only professional experience will be able to take care of the problem completely. Staying on top of the warning signs of bedbugs is staying on top of the health and happiness of your space.