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Habitat Pest Control Service Professionals are committed to providing you with the best pest control possible. Since bugs are active throughout the year, our year-round advanced service eliminates pest problems all year long. If pests return, we do too—absolutely free.

Why Pests Are More Active In The Summer

Depending on where you live, pests and insects can be a year-round problem.

In fact, if a pest infestation takes hold in your house it can often keep going no matter what season it is outside. However, summer is always a more active time for pests in Sunnyvale, CA. There are a number of reasons why this happens.

Warmer Temperatures

Insects are cold-blooded, which means they can’t create the heat they need to stay alive and stay active. Instead, they get that heat from their surroundings, and when those surroundings are cold they don’t have as much energy. Warm-blooded mammals like rats, mice, and moles are also less active during winter since they need to hide in their nests or hibernate to keep warm. However, when it’s hot out even overnight, pests of all kinds become active and stay active.


Summers can also be wetter. Water is even more important to survival than temperature, and even something as tenacious as mold won’t grow unless there’s a steady supply of water nearby. Summer is warm enough to keep water liquid, and if it rains frequently it helps both plants and pest animals thrive.

Food Sources

Every kind of animal needs to eat something to survive, and pest animals are no different. Since animals of all kinds are more active in summer and since plants grow faster when they get plenty of heat, light, and water, pests can find more food sources and multiply. The overcrowding then makes them much more likely to find their way into your lawn or home. Summer is also when people are also more likely to accidentally leave out food sources like garden plants, discarded meals, and so forth.

Life Cycles

Pest insects and mammals have developed life cycles that let them take full advantage of the warmth, moisture, and food that summer brings. This means that even if the summer is unusually cold and dry one year, you can still expect to find more pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and rats than you would during winter. It also means that many pest animals become more active in order to find a mate and get enough food to feed their young.


Summer days aren’t just warmer, they’re longer. For many pest animals, this extra light gives them a chance to stay active for longer, especially since the heat of the sun can keep them active. Longer days also mean that people will stay outside longer, and that gives parasites like ticks and mosquitoes more opportunities to strike.

Most people already understand that pests of all kinds are more active during the summer, but it can help to understand the reasons and why it’s important to prepare our homes for them every year. It’s also important to watch for pests when you’re walking on a forest trail or taking your dog for a walk. And if you do end up with a pest problem, be sure to contact an extermination expert like Habitat Pest Control.

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