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Green Shield Certified

Green Shield CertifiedSAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA  July 28th, 2017 -  Habitat Pest Control has achieved Green Shield Certified status for its low-risk “Habitat Green” pest management service offering.

Habitat is the first pest management provider serving the San Jose area to achieve Green Shield Certification. Minh Q. Hong, Operations Manager of Habitat Pest Control, is proud to offer a certified, more sustainable service to customers: “I believe that green is not just a great color, but it is also a way of life. We can no longer simply spray for bugs and pests and expect effective results and customer satisfaction. By spending more time communicating with the customer and investigating the problem, we minimize the use of pesticides, while achieving effective pest control.”

The “Habitat Green Service” addresses the underlying causes of pest problems through thorough site assessment and customer communication. The service limits pesticide applications to a pre-defined set of low-risk products, and only uses them when necessary. Minh Q. Hong, who came to believe in Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, from his background and education in environmental science, said: “I saw the opportunity to address problems by addressing and resolving the cause, instead of just treating the symptom.”

Habitat recently used an IPM approach to solve a customer’s problem with pharaoh ants. “The natural response for any pest control technician is to grab the spray can” Minh says, “However, these ants will bud and split in colonies if repellent sprays are used, so the more anyone sprays, the worse it will get. After identifying the ant species and using special baits, we were able to control these ants quickly.”

“Pests are just like us, they need food, water and shelter to survive, and our behaviors often provide those for them in and around our buildings and structures. IPM aims to break that triangle. Addressing the sources of pest problems is the key to long-term effective control,” says Dr. Tom Green, president of the IPM Institute and founder of Green Shield Certified.

Green Shield Certified is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, a low-risk approach to pest control that addresses the sources of pest problems through practical, low-risk methods. IPM practitioners will search out where pests are hiding and what’s feeding them and seek to remove these sources, while monitoring pest levels and communicating with building occupants about behaviors that may allow the pests to thrive.

About Green Shield Certification

Green Shield Certified is operated by the IPM Institute of North America, Inc., an independent, non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Green Shield Certified is available for pest control companies and services, facilities and pest management programs.

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