Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Commercial Pest Control Company

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Pests are unwelcome anywhere. Like homeowners want pest-free homes, business owners want their property to harbor no pests. Pests can damage property, create hazards, harm employees, and contribute to loss of business and penalties from authorities.

Because of the importance of keeping pests at bay, most businesses have in-place pest prevention strategies. They also engage pest control companies. Habitat Pest Control has been providing commercial pest control services in the Bay Area of California for many years. The company has a reputation for excellence in commercial pest control and conduct in dealing with clients with integrity.

Some questions that must be asked when choosing a pest control company

1. How long has the pest control company been operating?

It is essential to check the experience of the pest control company to ensure their pest control services are reliable, have the expertise, and have an adequate customer base.

2. Is the company licensed and insured?

The pest control company chosen must be licensed by the state. Always confirm that the company has liability insurance.

3. Does the company provide pest control to similar business clients?

When selecting a pest control company, businesses must check if they offer commercial pest control to clients from the same industry as theirs. All pest control companies do not provide commercial services. The ones that do need not work in all industries. For a restaurant owner looking for commercial pest control, knowing that a company is already working with other restaurants shows they have the knowledge and experience to handle their work.

4. Does the pest control company offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

IPM is an industry best practice. It is an effective and environmentally conscious approach to pest management using a combination of common-sense practices. Preventive measures like sanitation and maintenance are part of pest control professionals’ customized and proactive solutions.

5. Are the pest control technicians trained?

Pests are constantly evolving and changing, and so are the means and technology used to tackle them. It is essential that the pest control company has an ongoing training program or follows industry-specific standards and certifications. It is also beneficial to check that they conduct background screenings of employees and follow safety protocols.

6. What pests do this pest control company tackle?

Depending on the pest affecting the business or more likely to affect them, businesses must check whether the company offers pest control for those particular pests. They must check what written, guaranteed services are available and if they are standard for all services.

7. Are there any special services or products?

Because companies offer preventive services, some may provide related services, like cleaning.

8. Is the pest control service provided documented?

Pest control companies keep a record of services rendered, which includes pest activities in the building, their hotspots, and measures taken against them. Getting copies of these records helps keep track of services and use them for audits.

9. How does the pest company communicate?

Businesses need to clearly understand the pest situation and what they need to do. Hence, it is vital that the pest control company provides information and is transparent in everything. There should be meetings to discuss progress and concerns, and further strategies.

10. What is the average time the pest control company takes to respond when there is a pest-related emergency?

Businesses may need immediate measures to tackle some pests. It is good to know if emergency services cost more. Knowing if there is an assured response time will help business owners to plan ahead.

Choosing a pest control service is important for businesses. A pest control company will help the business maintain neat and safe environments. This partnership can impact business continuity and profits. Businesses also need to budget for pest control. Habitat Pest Control is committed to providing commercial pest control services in San Jose, CA. Their year-round advanced service eliminates pest problems all through the year. With more than fifteen years of experience in residential and commercial pest control, the use of eco-exempt products based on botanical activities, and prompt, same-day service in the Bay Area, this company is a frontrunner all businesses in the area must consider. Contact Habitat Pest Control online and fill out a form to get a call within 24 hours to fix an inspection by a trained and certified pest control specialist. Businesses can also call Habitat Pest Control on the number (408) 922-9898 for inquiries on commercial pest control.

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