Ant Extermination, Removal & Control

An ant infestation can drive almost anyone crazy, trying to clean up the problem, only to find they’re back a few hours later can cause frustration to just about anyone. Ants can enter your home from anywhere. Typically they are after water or sweet and greasy food found in the kitchen. Ant colonies grow as large as 500,000 and entire colonies can relocate quickly when in danger. They can nest anywhere but are most commonly found in lawns, tree stumps, and walls.

Remember that if you see one ant, there may be hundreds of thousands not too far away. That’s why most over-the-counter products that kill on contact don’t work. At Habitat Pest Control, we get rid of ants, we offer effective and affordable ant control. The most common ants we treat are

Prevention Tips: Reduce sites where ants can nest on your property, such as heavy ground cover including ivy, piles of bricks, flagstones, lumber, etc. Sealing exterior cracks and holes is also helpful in limiting the number of ants seen inside. Work with your Habitat professional as a team to help maintain your ant problems at a minimum.

Free Inspection: Our inspectors are trained to identify the type of ants lurking around your home. Once an ant infestation is identified and the structure examined, your inspector will design a custom treatment plan to get rid of them.

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