Rodent & Rat Infestion Removal and Control

Rodents and rats can be problematic inside of any structure or home. Both rats and mice enter the home looking for food and water, enjoying the protection from the elements. Homes plagued with rodent problems will hear scratching noises coming from the attic or walls at night, and often complain of odors that just won’t go away. Rodents’ ability to chew through almost anything not only gives them easy access, but can cause thousands of dollars in damage if not handled immediately. Rodents also transmit a number of dangerous diseases, and typically leave droppings of excrement throughout the home.

Free Inspection: A trained inspector will identify the type and severity of the infestation and provide you with a custom treatment plan to remove the rodents and return your home to a safe and sanitary condition.

Exclusion & Trapping: Getting rid of rodents begins with identifying and repairing the areas they use to access your home. Once our technician rodent-proofs your home, traps are installed in the infested areas.

Clean Up & Sanitizing: Rodents are messy! Our thorough technicians will clean up the contaminated areas of your attic and crawlspace. This may include the removal and replacement of soiled insulation and vapor barrier. Contaminated areas are then sanitized and deodorized.

Ongoing Protection: The best way to maintain a rodent free environment is for our technician to regularly monitor your home. On these visits, the trapping system is checked and the vulnerable areas of your home are inspected.

Our Rodent Guarantee: If these steps are followed, we guarantee your home will be rodent free. If rats or mice find a way back into your home on our watch, we’ll get rid of them!

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