Heat Treatment

There is considerable research that shows bed bugs thermal death point is around 120 degrees Fahrenheit and bed bugs at all stages of life will be dead in less than one minute at this temperature.

Treating with heat allows you to kill all the Bed Bugs within the treatment area in a single visit. As opposed to conventional treatments which require multiple visits.

Another advantage of heat treatment is that all Bed Bugs are killed without the hours of preparation required for a conventional treatment. Which requires throwing away or cleaning clothes, toys, sheets, comforters, games, stuffed animals and on and on. A single, no-chemical treatment and the entire bed bug infestation is gone.

How Heat Treatment Works?


Bring Heat. Specialized high output electric heaters are placed and continually adjusted throughout the space, introducing and re circulating heated air with a temperature target of 120 F not to exceed 135 F.


Monitor. Temperatures are monitored in real time from a remote location using wireless sensors and also by hand with infrared handheld devices to ensure lethal temperatures safely reach all bedbugs in structure.


Move Air: Specialized high output fans move heated air throughout the space to ensure heat is evenly distributed and able to reach all spaces within treatment area.

Re-entry is permitted as soon as the area returns to normal temperature.

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