3 Common House Pests

If you’re a homeowner or even a landlord, or business owner, these are some of the more common pests that you need to keep an eye out for.


There has, unfortunately, been a rise in the invasiveness of the bedbug in recent years. And this is a scenario where how clean you keep your home does not affect whether it gets invaded. The bedbug isn’t drawn to a home by the smell of leftovers on a floor or a poorly maintained window. Bedbugs often come to a home because people unknowingly bring them in, in their clothes and luggage.

Bedbugs can survive for days without blood, their primary source of food. They reside close to their food source, usually either people or pets, hiding in bed frames, dressers, or other nearby furnishings. They come out when their victim is asleep and feed on them. Unfortunately, any trip to a hotel or home that has bedbugs can result in a few enterprising insects “hitching a ride” to a new location to start a new colony.


If termites are a threat that the structure of a home has to worry about, silverfish are the pest that the inside of the home has to worry about. While they like to feed on cellulose, the same plant-based matter that termites eat, they are happy to feed on cellulose from diverse sources like paper, clothing, and even wallpaper. 

This means that once silverfish find a home with a lot of wood, paper, or cloth-based products, they can happily settle down and damage these furnishings and goods. If you have silverfish in your home, your interior may be at risk. Once silverfish have settled in, there are few obstacles to starting an infestation for these nocturnal feeders.


The mouse or the rate will come to a home for a variety of reasons, but three main reasons are understandable to anyone; food, shelter, and safety. Colder weather often drives rodents to look for better locations, and if they can find food and dry spaces in the bargain, they will settle down, establish a foothold, and start breeding.

Unfortunately, rodents also present a direct health threat to residents of a building. Eating food a rodent has nibbled on, or even cleaning rodent urine or droppings without proper protection can result in serious illness. However, rodents are also different from insects and require a different approach to neutralize properly.

If you have one of these pests in your home, we can help. Just contact Habitat Pest Control for a consultation to get an expert opinion on the scope of the problem, and the best way to solve it.

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