Advice To Help You Keep Pests Outside Where They Belong This Holiday Season

Advice To Help You Keep Pests Outside Where They Belong This Holiday Season

It is not uncommon for people to hosts friends and family members from around the globe during the holidays. The action helps strengthen bonds and ensures that the group stays tight-knit. However, while traveling, the individuals could have picked up some hitchhikers, bed bugs, at a hotel, airport, or a number of other places. As such, your home can become infested with the teeny-tiny insects, which nobody wants.

Stinging insects, ants, roaches, and more can become part of the equation too. The list can go on and on and on. When such nuisances are present, they can wreak havoc on one’s holiday traditions. Aunt Felicia could hit the door running upon seeing a mouse, or cousin Joe might experience allergic reactions associated with bites, stings, or the mere presence of pests. So, curious persons should read further for some tips to keep these creatures outside where they belong.

Contact A Reputable And Trustworthy Extermination Company At The First Sign Of Trouble

Regardless of what type of pests are running amuck, homeowners have enough to deal with at this time of year. In other words, their plates are full of shopping, cooking, and cleaning duties. The last thing they want to spend their precious moments doing is setting traps, spraying pesticides, or trying out home remedies to rid the property of the nuisances. Our organization has over 10-years of experience in the pest control industry. The technicians are ready, willing, and able to assist you in eliminating your particular problem safely and promptly.

Visually Inspect The Outside Of The Home And Make Repairs As Necessary

Insects can get inside via the tiniest crack or hole. The same can often be said for mice. Thus, residents will want to give their structure a once over to look for blemishes on siding, around window sills/door jambs, and even where pipes protrude through the wall. A new bead of caulk or silicone in such areas, which can be purchased at almost any hardware or retail store, can make all of the difference in the world.

However, it is notable to mention that mice can chew and claw their way through the material. Hence, homeowners should consider lining bigger holes with steel wool before sealing them shut. This action will prevent the rodent from being able to breakthrough.

Store Firewood Away From The Home

It is recommended that property owners keep their firewood piles at least 20-feet away from the house. Why? Well, for one, ants and mice can build nests inside the heaps. In turn, if the collection is next to the structure, those creatures can find their way inside the home quickly. Also, other things could find shelter in the blocks of wood, like snakes, many of which pose a threat to humans because of their venom. Therefore, keep your firewood at a safe distance, to avoid making life easy on critters trying to get inside your home.

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