During Winter, Is Pest Control Needed In California?

During Winter Is Pest Control Needed In California

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Winters are when many want to stay indoors and relax or engage in leisure activities with family and friends. There is a general idea that pest control is not needed in winter. In California, winters are milder than in many other areas in the country. But, the lower temperatures can cause some changes in the activities of some pests. Many insects hibernate in winter as they are cold-blooded. However, they can gain entry to heated homes and commercial buildings, and with access to food and water inside, lead to a pest infestation. Rodents can also seek refuge in homes. Habitat Pest Control provides reliable pest and rodent control services in San Jose, CA. Their technicians know the pest pressures of the local environment and offer customized treatment plans to find and treat the foundation of a pest infestation.

Some information on winter pests

  1. Ground squirrels: They are more likely to be a nuisance in the garden than indoors. But they breed in winter in California and are active. They can cause damage in the yard through their chewing and burrowing activities.
  2. Ants: Ants are among the most common pests in California. In winter, they stay in large colonies and invade homes or commercial spaces to gain access to food, water, and shelter. So, homes may need ant extermination. If ants cannot get into a sheltered environment, they move several feet below the soil to a more tolerable temperature.
  3. Rats and mice: These rodents stay active in winter. They eat more food in winter to maintain their body temperature. They also try to get shelter in a warm place. They dig burrows in the ground or invade outdoor shelters, homes, or commercial buildings. They can stay in crawl spaces, attics, and between walls.
  4. Spiders: Different kinds of spiders may be seen indoors during winter. Black widow spiders are extremely dangerous and active in cold seasons and may build webs near stairs or doorways. Since these are poisonous, it is safe to be cautious and take measures to control the spider population.
  5. Cockroaches: These are insects that can survive extreme weather. Their ability to eat anything and move through the narrowest gaps makes them enter buildings and thrive almost anywhere.
  6. Bed bugs: As they feed and thrive in beds, bed linen, and furnishing, which are warm and comfortable even in winter, bed bug infestations can worsen in summer. They can also gain access to homes when people return from a holiday in an infested place. Habitat Pest Control performs bed bug extermination in San Jose.

How to prevent pests?

To protect buildings from pests getting inside for shelter in winter, some steps can be taken. Cracks and holes in the buildings must be sealed. No wood must be stored close to the building as pests dwelling in them can gain access. Homes must be kept dry by mopping spills immediately and ensuring no moisture or standing water is left near refrigerators, sinks, or air conditioning units. Any outdoor buildings and shelters must be inspected regularly and kept clean.

Homeowners and business owners should always be vigilant about pests. There can be an infestation when there is any laxity in measures to prevent these pests. Habitat Pest Control is a pest control company in San Jose with over a decade of experience and offers Written Guaranteed Results. The pest control company’s service includes common pests that cause a nuisance in the area, like ants, bees, earwigs, crickets, centipedes, spiders, rats, birds, cockroaches, fleas, etc. Call (408) 922-9898 for a free inspection and get a pest control quote from Habitat Pest Control in San Jose.

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