Four Telltale Signs You Have Bed Bugs In Your Home

  1. Red Itchy Bumps

The most obvious sign of bed bugs, unfortunately, is their bite. Bed bugs leave flat red welts after a bite. They usually appear in a row in a zigzag pattern. Although they really spread disease through their bites, their bites can be really itchy and painful. If you have insect bites and you aren’t sure if they are from bed bugs or not, speak to your physician. Either way though, whether they turn out to be bed bugs or not, you will also want to call a professional exterminator to deal with the culprit.

  1. A Strong Musty Odor

Bed bugs release pheromones that can leave quite an odorous smell. The smell has been compared to coriander, old shoes, or moldy laundry. Unfortunately, a lot of people get used to the smell after living with it. So the best way to smell for it is to spend the day away from your home and then go back and see if you can smell anything unusual.

  1. Debris In The Corners Of Your Bed

Bed bugs leave debris behind in the bed. This debris is a combination of shed skins and feces. It can usually be found in the corners and along the seams.  When inspecting your mattress, look for reddish-brown small ovals. You can also look for small blood droplets that have dried. These casings and feces are a sure sign that you have a bed bug infestation and you need to call an exterminator immediately. Also, check the rest of the furniture in your room like chairs and sofas.

  1. White Spots In The Corners Of Furniture

Bed bugs lay large clusters of white eggs. They usually lay these eggs in the corners of furniture, mostly in furniture with little use. Take some time to inspect all your coaches, chairs, and cushions. Take the pillows and cushions off and look along all the seams and corners. If you find clusters of white spots, call an exterminator immediately.

Any of these signs point to a bed bug infestation. Since bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of yourself, call Habitat Pest Control at the first sign. We’ll come out, do a full inspection, and identify how bad your home is infested. Then we’ll put together an effective, eco-friendly solution to clear the bed bugs out of your home for good. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us at the first sign!

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