Keeping Cockroaches Away From Homes

Keeping Cockroaches Away From Homes

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Cockroaches are insects with flat oval bodies with their size ranging from half to three and a half inches. They hide in crevices and cracks in the daytime and dark, sheltered spaces with moisture content, like the motors of refrigerators and dishwashers, under cabinets, in unused drawers, along the gaskets of refrigerator and freezer doors, etc. 

Cockroaches are notorious for being able to survive almost anywhere. They can remain without food for a month and survive on very limited resources. But cockroaches thrive in warm climates like that in California and densely populated places. Because of their hardy nature, getting rid of cockroaches is difficult. If there is a cockroach infestation, homeowners may need the assistance of a professional pest control company. Habitat Pest Control in San Jose, California, offers commercial and residential pest control in the South Bay Area. With more than a decade of experience in pest control, this company is committed to providing customers with the best pest control services in South Bay Area. The team at Habitat Pest Control uses their training, skills, and the latest methods to resolve pest problems. 

Different types of cockroaches, like American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Brown-banded cockroaches, etc., are seen in California. They all have some common characteristics, like six spiny legs, two long antennae as their bodies, and flat, oval-shaped bodies. Though some cockroaches have wings, they usually scuttle around rather than fly. They typically move around at night. Cockroaches can carry diseases like diphtheria, listeria, and bubonic plague. 

Tips to prevent cockroaches

  1. Keep homes clutter-free. Cluttered places act as cool and comfortable shelters for cockroaches, and they nest there.
  2. Clean the surfaces beneath appliances meticulously (like beneath refrigerators or ovens), as they serve as comfortable places for cockroaches to live.
  3. Keeping homes adequately ventilated helps to prevent cockroaches. They usually prefer damp or humid areas, like kitchens, basements, and poorly ventilated attics.
  4. Keeping the surroundings dry and draining puddles will deprive cockroaches of water sources. Standing or stagnant water in bird baths or gutters can provide cockroaches with water for sustenance.
  5. Avoid keeping trash outdoors as they attract cockroaches. If they are kept outside, it must be at a minimum time possible. 
  6. Food must always be kept secure from cockroaches. Improperly stored food, leftovers kept open, and food remnants and crumbs that are not cleaned up are a sure-shot way of attracting cockroaches. 
  7. When receiving deliveries or bringing things from outside, bags and packages must be checked for cockroaches or their eggs. Cockroaches can survive long distances and get transported via deliveries quite easily.
  8. Removing composting or any organic materials like piles of leaves or wood from the surrounding is ideal, as these spots act as suitable habitats for cockroaches to live and multiply. 
  9. Sealing all cracks and crevices in the home will help to prevent cockroaches from gaining entry to the home. Check the areas around windows, vents, and doors, especially for such crevices. The weatherstripping and screens must be functioning adequately. Use caulking to seal cracks in the foundation.
  10. In general, cleanliness is very important to prevent cockroaches. Cleaning spilled food or crumbs, taking the trash out daily, having tight-lidded sturdy garbage containers, avoiding keeping dirty dishes in the sink overnight, etc., are all steps that help to prevent cockroach infestations. 

What to do if cockroaches are seen

Baiting can be used effectively to eliminate cockroaches. Baits can be used in areas where cockroaches thrive, providing the user with more control. Insecticidal sprays or aerosols may be used, but they may not always be effective in the long run.

Habitat Pest Control offers cockroach removal and control services. 

Trained inspectors from this pest control company identify cockroach infestations and chalk out a customized plan to get rid of cockroaches in that home. Getting rid of cockroaches is a lengthy process. The professionals from Habitat Pest Control may take a year to completely eliminate the cockroaches, even though they may bring down their numbers drastically within the first few months. They conduct regular perimeter sprays and interior baiting to eradicate cockroaches. Habitat Pest Control guarantees a cockroach-free home if the steps they formulate are followed correctly. For a free inspection, homeowners in the South Bay Area who need cockroach infestation control can call (408) 922-9898 to get in touch with Habitat Pest Control, San Jose, CA. 

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