Preventing Pests from Ruining Your Fall Fun

Preventing Pests from Ruining Your Fall Fun

Common Fall Pests

There are plenty of nuisances during the fall and winter months, and as the seasons change, you will see these pests come and go. What’s important is learning how to deal with them in the present.


While bugs are definitely an annoyance, we can’t forget about rodents. This should be a top priority as we head into the cooler weather and fall and winter seasons. Our homes are more than inviting for these pests as they look for warmth, food, and water.

Some surefire signs you have a rodent infestation are the presence of gnaw marks and droppings. They typically find shelter within the walls of the home and frequent areas in the home that contain food that is easily accessible.

They can also damage the home by chewing through wires and nesting in your insulation. To prevent this, make sure there are no cracks or holes that will make it easy for them to enter the home. This requires a thorough inspection of your home and the exterior of the building.

Stinging Insects

Some common stinging insects include yellow jackets and bees. They can certainly become hostile as well, so if you find a nest, it is best to approach the situation with extreme caution. Many times, you can find bees in your attic as the summer is behind us and the cooler weather approaches.

The cold will eventually kill them off, but in the meantime, they are looking for some warmth and shelter, so you need to take preventative measures. Wasps are also common and can typically be found taking up shop in your shed or garage.


Cooler weather will also bring ants from the outdoors into your home. Sometimes the ants will move their colonies into the walls of your home or even beneath the foundation. Common ants include pavement ants and odorous house ants.

Sometimes these colonies can be difficult to locate, so you will want to enlist the help of an experienced extermination team to locate and eliminate the colony.

Other Fall Intruders

Other fall insects you may come across this season include cockroaches. Any moisture below the home can draw them in. The best defense for these pests is maintenance. Repair any, and all cracks there are and make sure there is no way in.

Stink bugs may also find sanctuary within the walls of your home, and once they are in, it can prove to be quite challenging to locate and remove them.

If you have seen signs of any of these fall pests in your home or on your property, then you will want to contact the experts at Habitat Pest Control right away to create a plan of action, so they don’t end up ruining your fall fun.

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