Six Pest Control Tips For The New Homeowner

Six Pest Control Tips For The New Homeowner

You probably already have a laundry list of “to dos” to try and make the move transition as smoothly as possible. However, much like home improvement is easier to do before you move in, so is pest control. Pests are highly mobile creatures and can invade a house in a day or two. If they travel in swarms like ants it takes no time for a full infestation. Similarly, bed bugs live in groups and can lay up to 200 eggs in their lifetime. To help ensure you do not have to deal with this, we have listed some home improvements you can make prior and during your move to help you control any pests.

1. Clean Up Your Landscaping:

Insects will make their outdoor homes in debris. Woodpiles, overgrown gardens are prime locations for insect habitation. Your new home may have sat for a while so it may be a bit overgrown. Before moving in, clean up the lawn including:

  • Move any wood piles away from the home
  • Clear the vegetation from around the base of the home.
  • Trim back branches and shrubs so that they are not up against the home exterior walls
  • Rake up any debris such as fallen leaves.

Not only are you reducing the pest infestations but your curb appeal will be improved.

2. Carpets And Interior:

Have all the carpets professionally deep cleaned and everything else. Give the entire house a good scrub down, even if it is brand new. This makes sure there are no crumbs or stuff that attract bugs.

3. Weatherize Your Home:

While most new homes are already weatherized, you can not only improve your pest control but also improve your new home’s energy efficiency. Seal up any cracks and crevices inside and out. Caulk around windows, doors, vents and pipes. Check the screens and repair if needed.

4. Inspect Every Packed Item:

The last thing you want to do is to bring any pests with you. It is quite common for bugs to be in boxes, especially those that were stored in attics, basements and garages. It will take a little longer but is worth it to know you are moving in unwanted pests. Prime items to check are your christmas boxes, bedding and kitchen items.

5. Use Plastic Bins, Not Boxes For Storage:

Mice are attracted to basements, closets and storage areas. These pests love cardboard, boxes of old cookware, piles of clothing, newspapers and magazines. Besides plastic bins, you can place bay leaves around the basement and sprinkle crushed bay leaves on any basement window. If you do not have any pets or children you can also sprinkle mothballs to repel mice.

6. Get A Professional Pest Inspection:

While most homes that are sold require a termite inspection, they do not inspect for pests. Before you move in, a pest control specialist can check all areas unhindered by furniture, pets, etc. Based on what they find they can also give you helpful advice to make sure your home remains pest free.

With over ten years of experience in pest control we will deliver, prompt, same day service for you. Locally owned and operated, our experts at Habitat Pest Control have the knowledge that chain companies do not have of pests that are common in our area. So before you move in, give us a call for an inspection and check that off of your “to do” list.

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