What Pests Are Likely To Find Their Way Into Your Kitchen

What Pests Are Likely To Find Their Way Into Your Kitchen

The Pests To Look Out For

When it comes to stop pests in their tracks, it pays to know just what (or who) to look out for. This way, you can catch any budding infestations before they get out of control and before they potentially put customers or the public at risk. The pests that today’s kitchen and restaurant owners need to keep an eye out for are:

  • Rodents – Mice and rats are some of the single most common pests that plague restaurant owners today. Restaurants create the perfect habitats for rats and mice looking to find a place to nest away from the elements, as they have a near-constant food supply, plenty of places to hide, and a warm spot to multiply. These pests, however, present plenty of hazards to those in the restaurant industry, both structurally and in terms of contamination. Restaurants should always be proactive about potential rodent infestations with preventative measures in place as well as a trusted exterminator to call.
  • Cockroaches – When it comes to crawling insects, cockroaches are what you really need to look out for in your restaurant or kitchen. They have a varied diet, they’re able to hide in a vast array of small spaces, and they can produce rapidly when they find a space they can call home. Being primarily nocturnal, a small presence of cockroaches can hide quite easily, only coming out at night, but will be seen once they begin to multiply. While cockroaches don’t do much structural damage, they can spread diseases like salmonella and e. Coli.
  • Flies – Flies are attracted to restaurants as soon as they smell the scent of fresh or cooked food. Due to the feeding and breeding habits of flies, they present serious health risks to the public and may contaminate anything they land on. Whether it’s equipment or actual food surfaces, flies are going to find it attractive.

Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

Keeping a safe kitchen is a top priority for all restaurant and kitchen owners, and this means knowing how to get ahead of pests and what they can do to your structure and the public health. If you’re looking to keep your kitchen free from pests, call us at Habitat Pest Control to see what we can do to help today.

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